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CRIT GROUP is a monthly gathering of visual artists with the collective goal of providing peer feedback and critique of each other’s work in a free, non-academic, non-hierarchical setting. The group is comprised of 12 individuals (nine artists and three Gallery coordinators) of varying disciplines. Participants are asked for a commitment of six months (six meetings) to establish relationships and so that everyone’s work can be discussed in its various stages of progression. Meetings take place over an entire afternoon (with exact dates and times determined as a group). Participation is free and after six months nine new artists will be selected for the upcoming session.


If you are interested in signing up for CRIT GROUP please send an email with your name, contact information, and if so desired any online links to your work to: with the


CRIT GROUP meets at Earth2 (135 Van Horne)
however meetings can also take place at alternative locations
(a participant’s studio space, gallery space, performance space, etc.)

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