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Claudia Burneo

Press Release:

“Creativity is a way of knowing. Through my work I know my feelings, my desire, I know my heritage and the world that surrounds me. I know myself and all the selves that compose it, always transforming. I know change, I know healing, I know meaning and consequence.”

-Claudia Burneo


Friends and Neighbours Gallery is pleased to present Jardín de Gnosis, Ecuadorian Artist Claudia Burneo’s first solo exhibition at Friends and Neighbours Gallery.

The new series of drawings are the result of Burneo’s recent experimental processes of creating magical symbols. They are amalgamations of the artist’s conscious and subconscious, the fruit of long sessions of meticulous work interwoven with automatic drawing, esoteric research and sigil magic. The drawings provide viewers with the opportunity to lose themselves within a variety of intricate holistic environments that employ a distinctive visual language used by Burneo to reflect upon her own familial and personal histories. Friends and Neighbours Gallery seeks to present work that is not only critical but hopeful as well. We, as curators, believe that Claudia Burneo’s Jardín de Gnosis is chaotic, unruly and affirming all at once.

Claudia Burneo is an Ecuadorian artist, based in Montreal. Burneo’s practice employs storytelling, magic, ritual, and mediumship as a way of exploring her own heritage and identity. Her recent work is focused on healing, specifically the idea that art can be a vehicle for the healing process.
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